Instruction Cards Breaststroke - Crawl - Backstroke

Instruction Cards Breaststroke, Crawl, Backstroke - not laminiated - 39,95 €
Instruction Cards Breaststroke, Crawl, Backstroke - laminiated - 69,95 €
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Crawl - 39 Illustrated instruction cards
39 Illustrated instruction cards - Breaststroke
Backstroke - 39 Illustrated instruction cards

Unique: With these instruction cards, teaching children to swim is a piece of cake. Specific drills help the swimmer apply the style correctly. Small corrections often have a great effect. The self-explanatory illustrations are suitable also for children of preschool age. New exciting exercises and drills ensure a training full of variety.

Description of movements
The viewer learns the technique in 7 steps. The movements are illustrated in drawings and can be applied more easily in the water.
7 cards "Description of movements" + 1 card "Theory lesson" (double-sided) + 1 card Instructions for Use (DIN A5)

Drill cards
Each 40 drills starting from the easiest exercise to complete the package. The large and memorable illustrations make the instructions unmistakeably clear. The drill cards provide the pros and cons of each drill as well as drill variants where appropriate as a reference for the teacher or trainer.
26 cards (double-sided), DIN A4.

Competitive swimming
Start - false start - turn: Manual for teachers, trainers and children participating in a competition for the first time.
4 cards (double-sided) DIN A5

Detection and correction of mistakes
List of the most common mistakes in these swimming styles, plus suggestions for fixing the mistakes.
4 cards (double-sided), DIN A5
Total: 108 cards (194 pages)